Valentines day in Lusaka: 3 date ideas for the clueless man

Once upon a very exciting Valentine’s Day, whilst still at UNZA, I was a rose bouquet delivery boy. Flowers in hand, address in pocket, and an extremely steely resolve; I saw to the safe conveyance of these élite plants, to their enthusiastic recipients. 
The following is a rough sketch of what my work schedule looked like;

a) Walk to the addressee’s room (addressee being a female student within campus)

b) Knock on the recipient’s door; preferably with calm confidence, and a hint of urgency 

c) Meet the beneficiary; tell them whom the gift was from, and if part of their paid for package- recite a poem. 


Now, how I got this gig, and the money I made from the escapade, is a story for another time. However, I noticed something as I moved from one blushing girl’s room to another. It dawned on me that; deliberately trying to make someone else feel special is quite powerful. Such acts seem to rise above the cynicism and politics that have pervaded today’s society. Additionally, these gestures have a positive impact on not only the receiver of these affections, but the giver as well. Therefore, despite the country’s socio-economic ‘woes’, appreciative gestures are still relevant.  

So, you don’t have to buy your partner a brand new SUV to prove your undying affection (although you can, if you want to). Also, your expression of love need not be designated to special occasions; you can curate unique experiences or get gifts for your loved ones at any given time of the year, and in any capacity. 

Worth emphasising however, is the importance of making the effort. Additionally, the idea of making memories in favour of material gifts is something that I hold dear. At the end of your life, when you are unable to manoeuvre, most people will refer to memories that they cherish and not necessarily the material things they accumulated.  

Notably, the 2017 Valentine’s Day is upon us. And although this time around, I won’t be delivering flowers to university students, I am definitely treating my lady to something special. 

After carrying out some research, in view of the fact that this day falls in the work week and considering that neither myself nor my shorrey can leave Lusaka at the moment, I found the amount of choices for the day limited to a few options. So, if you are a Lusaka man thinking of ways to impress his damsel with something different this V-day, have a look at the following suggestions;

1. Keep it in-house Photo cred.  bestdatingtipsblog

Tuesday is a work day, and unless both you and your partner are on leave, or you work in very liberal organisations, planning for day activities is an exercise in futility. Of course, you can squeeze in a lunch time engagement but that’s usually about an hour long and so not enough time, as you might inevitably get stuck in the traffic as you manoeuvre between places.
Therefore, try keeping the affair at home. Clean the house, buy some food supplies (don’t forget dessert), organise some movies, good music, and rose petals if you can, some scented candles and cook up a storm after work hours. Remember, this is a special day, and the main point of the whole thing is expressing love for your partner. Write her a poem, which you could recite after dinner, enjoy a show/movie or dance to some slow music and call it a night. In the words of my friend Ricky, ‘’when it comes to such days, try to keep the whole thing intimate, as you are the one who knows the person well’’. A time at home could provide such an opportunity to connect even more meaningfully with your lover.      
2. Take it outside

If on the other hand, you are unable to find the time to cook and organise everything for the day, but you would really like to take your woman out to a place that has a great atmosphere, and is not too far out, I would suggest Taj Pamodzi hotel. This place has a very serene atmosphere, wonderful décor and it also happens to be running a Valentine’s Day promotion. What I particularly like about this place is; it has been around for such a long time and yet it is still pristine, and it is right in the heart of the city. This is how their Valentines promotional packages looks like;
– Four course meal, live band and a bottle of sparkling wine

– A special brunch with a bottle of sparkling wine 

-An overnight stay at their exclusive suite, afternoon tea at their Piano lounge and a private dinner by the poolside under the stars accompanied with a sparkling bottle of wine. 

You can check their Facebook page and twitter account for more details on this promotion.

3. A night at the movies

Photo cred: Zambezi speakeasy

Take your partner out to the cinema; watch something you would both enjoy, accompanied with some popcorn, a cold drink and such. I think this is cool as long as you both enjoy the moment. Unfortunately, the Zambezi speakeasy are only having their weekly open air showing the next day- on the 15th , when the film Casablanca will be viewed. This is a great atmosphere because unlike the conventional movie experience, you can watch this under the stars, and I’m sure your partner would appreciate this, especially if you haven’t experienced it before. If you are interested in finding out more about the Zambezi speak easy open air movies click the link here.
I hope you found one or two of these suggestions useful, what do you have planned for your lady? Chat to me on twitter @olmacdaniel and search for Daniel Machiya on Facebook.  







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