​Why Zambians need dream cars- 60 day challenge

Success is a nebulous term. Some people believe that it is an intrinsic feature whilst others equate being successful to the quality, quantity- or both of their material accumulations. However, I think most of us, at least subconsciously, know that the mental world and the physical realm do not operate in isolation. As a result, I think success manifests itself in all dimensions and it is important for us to understand how useful these various approaches are in our lives. 

In my formative years, say about; five years after birth, I already had visions of driving a Mercedes Benz. These days, I can get on with any form of transportation. Thanks to a wider understanding of the nature of man, I have drilled this idea in myself that the things that matter are relationships, creating value and peace. Indeed, this has been a helpful perspective that has unburdened my once naïve self who thought accumulating external accolades and possessions were the basis of life. 

Interestingly enough, with the confidence I have gained from understanding the above view of what I think really matters, I have gained a fresh perspective of material possessions. Without equating them to the value of the owner, I now look at them as tools that improve one’s experience of the world and what life has to offer. Therefore, a mansion is a great place to create from, a private jet is a convenient way to travel, and a beautiful vehicle is a comfortable way to traverse the city, on land or otherwise.  

Furthermore, for an upstart such as myself, there is the aspirational nature to these man made ‘tools’. Having a dream house or dream car despite how much this might not be admitted to; help me focus on the work I know I must do. Despite how altruism is the aim in most endeavours, I believe the target of possessing your dream car also has an important role to play. 

Last week, I asked my friends on Facebook and twitter what their dream cars were. I do not know what philosophy most of them had about the importance of dream cars but thanks to them I was able to generate the list below;

1.Range Rover Sports SUV 2013
2.BMW X5

3.Nissan NP 1400

4.Ford Ranger 2016

5.Mercedes AMG G55

6.Audi R8.

7.Jensen Interceptor

8.Jeep wrangler 

9.Toyota Landcruiser

10.Landcruiser VX (Yama Minister)

11.Audi RS5 

12.Land Rover discovery

13.Ford Mustang GT 

14.Bentley Mulsane 

15.Aston Martin DB9

16.Jaguar xf 

17.Jeep Cherokee 2016

18.Chevrolet Camaro

19.G wagon 

20.Nissan Murano 

21.Santa fe 

22.ML 63 AMG 

23.Dodge Viper 

24.Tesla X

25.Shelby Ford Mustang

26.Hummer 6 doors 

As you can see, some of these cars are not available in Zambia, but most of them are actually being driven around our streets by people we know. They have our dream cars. The question is; how did they attain these machines? What qualities and values do they espouse that saw them obtain what others can only dream of- currently. What lessons if any, especially as regards work, do these people have to offer us, as we work toward our broader goals as well as obtaining our dream cars. 

I intend to find out. My challenge is to meet people in Zambia who own these vehicles in the above list (at least the accessible ones), and drive their car for 100 metres (I need this to state the experience), and this can be within their premises or otherwise, and obviously under close supervision. Additionally, I will interview them for about 5 minutes and document my findings at the end of 60 days.

What does the dream car owner have to gain from this? Primarily, passing down valuable lessons to his/her fellow countrymen about the values one must have in order to achieve. I believe this small exercise will help me and others gain understanding due to the practical implications of the exercise. There is a lot of latent magic hidden in this challenge.

Who am I? I am trustworthy custodian of culture with a love of learning. And, I am a licenced driver, go figure. 

How can you help? If you have one of the cars above, can I interview you? (And drive it?). Additionally, by sharing this with your friends, I am hoping one of them agrees to let me drive their car, hold a short interview with them and dissect their lessons for everyone else. Please help me find people who have cars in the above list. 

I will upload images and videos of these experiences onto my instagram account @olmacdaniel, my Facebook page: Daniel Machiya as well as updates to my twitter account @olmacdaniel. Number plates will be blurred for security sake.  At the end of 60 days, I will document the whole experience. 

Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “​Why Zambians need dream cars- 60 day challenge

  1. I like this challenge. Maybe you should also consider approaching car dealerships like Alliance Motors (Land Rover, Jaguar), Pilatus (BMW, Mazda), Toyota Zambia, Southern Cross, etc.

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