GreatZ Podcast Ep 7 with Jay Chikobe:On Start Ups, Making stuff that matters, Bootstrapping and more

GreatZ Podcast Jay Chikobe

With all the current hype about entrepreneurship in Zambia and the world in general, Jay Chikobe adds a sober voice to the discussion with some fundamental ideas concerning the subject. He has practical experience in the art of enterprise both in the implementation and mentoring realms. Additionally, he has a fantastic way of looking at business which I found particularly refreshing.

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Show Notes

  1. What the essence of a start-up is (02:12).
  2. What type of people should start a start-up and the necessary skill set (03:45).
  3. Why anyone should consider starting a start-up especially in Zambia (06:48).
  4. The Importance of having a contribution mind set (09:15).
  5. The dangers of bad start ups (13:48).
  6. Some companies that Jay admires (16:52).
  7. The importance of focus (19:15).
  8. Where enterprise in Zambia is going (25:53).
  9. About bootstrapping and its importance (30:30)
  10. On learning about financing and peoples attitude toward it (34:31)
  11. Why Zambia needs to step up and risk more (41:09).
  12. The importance of a good business module (42:54).

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