GreatZ Podcast: Episode 4 with Mwaka Mugala

GreatZ Podcast episode 4 Mwaka Mugala

The super talented Mwaka Mugala! She’s a sculptor, a painter, a radio personality, a designer, a model with a degree in mass communication…its easier to say what she doesn’t do. So how does she manage? Find out in this episode of the show.

You can stream and download this episode by following these links.

Part 1, Part 2

Show Notes

Part. 1

  1. She describes growing up in the Mugala household (03:20).
  2. Mwaka talks about how her dad encouraged learning-taking walks (05:15).
  3. Mwaka describes what she does( 07:06)
  4. How she handles the public speaking jitters (10:50).
  5. We discuss some of the misconceptions of being a model (14:09).
  6. Mwaka talks about her life in art (20:44).
  7. When she became suspicious of convention. And, the beauty of making mistakes (28:19).
  8. We talk about Mwaka’s learning process and the book she is reading currently (38:01).

Part. 2

  1. Does Mwaka believe in the concept of a genius? (03:53)
  2. Mwaka describes what drives her (07:16).
  3. The advantages of working with people you get along with (09:02).
  4. How Mwaka deals with distractions/ she has laser focus (12:29).
  5. Mwaka talks about learning Vs. Education (19:21)
  6. We talk about specialisation and some of the issues that arise (22:33)
  7. What can parents do to encourage wider learning (29:09)
  8. The projects Mwaka is currently working on (35:19).
  9. How Mwaka decompresses (40:05)
  10. She talks about the book she’s reading and makes a recommendation (48:10).
  11. Mwakas daily routine (54:01).

Selected links

Part 1

  1. Zambia fashion week.
  2. Chaminuka lodge
  3. The Mundane Kid
  4. Remember the African Sky’s.

Part 2

  1. The War of Art- Steven Pressfield.
  2. Robert Rodriguez
  3. My happy ending
  4. ASA- Jaile
  5. Enid Blyton- The wishing chair collection
  6. He came to set the captives free
  7. Facial yoga


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