Selfies with books: Part two

This week I’m starting on these 3 books. (yes three!)


1. Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson.

This books comes highly recommended by people like Ryan Holiday, Tim Ferriss and Bret Mckay. Apart from that his a hero of mine despite me not having any apple products. This is the first biography I’m reading and it already feels like a great choice.

2. Trust me I’m lying by Ryan Holiday

This is an  inside look into the mechanics of the the current media landscape by a self confessed former media manipulator. I’m reading this a second time. Let’s just say my view if media has never been the same. The book offers excellent strategy too so anyone interested in media and communications should pick this up.

3. Ghana must go by Taiye Selasi

This was recommended to me by my
girlfriend.  It’s a fiction book and was set in Africa. I rarely read fiction so this is definitely going to be an experience.

Share what you’re reading with me in the comments section. 

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