#Embrace the Familiar

I love these thoughts by my brother Kasapo!


The reason that concepts like “hiding in the open” or “advertisement blindness” exist is because we take the familiar things in our lives for granted and sadly sometimes it’s people too. We use Google every day but know not all the colors of the letters or in what order they appear (blue, red, orange, blue, green, red), we hear songs we like but don’t listen for their intrinsic meaning. Point is with everything familiar, I think, is that when you feel you have plateaued in the process of knowing it learning about it you do like Bedsty’s Mr. Shawn Cory Carter said and move… “onto the next one”??. I guess songs, information or things today can be considered as dispensable especially in the age we’re living in. With the constant availability of newthings we are left with insatiable desires that not only leave us chasing the wind but leave…

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