On uniforms

The education system has a mandate of teaching young people skills to live life, or does it?

Uniforms are a metaphor for what most schools do to the curiosity within most people.  They put our minds in a confinement and make us play with a select amount of ideas. But life is not a tournament,  all we need as man is the opportunity to contribute,  not beat each other.

College kids and employees have uniforms too. Hoodies and ties,


anything that makes you feel like you belong to a certain group is a uniform. But the point isn’t an attack at wardrobes but at regimented minds. We need to recognise what’s happening when it’s happening and why.

We need a switch in order to recognise the opportunity before us, Zambia is ripe for so much development if only we took off these bloody uniforms.

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2 thoughts on “On uniforms

  1. The issue of uniformity comes in two fronts. Good and manipulative (Bad).

    The good is that being uniform with everyone else in an institution such as a school helps “level the playing field”. It doesn’t matter whether or not a kid comes from a well to do family, he/she more or less is dressed like everyone else and feels included so that he/she can concentrate on things other than trying to fit into the peer groups which are very “fashionised” these days (I know the word doesn’t exist but same goes for Santa but you still see him plastered everywhere anyway).

    The manipulative side is that because people are dressed in uniform, they are all expected to have a certain mindset. Curiosity and exploration, self expression is stifled.

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