The GreatZ Podcast: Mazuba Kapambwe

Mazuba Kapambwe

Mazuba is a social media maven, a super connector and a true pioneer of expression in Zambia and beyond!

You can stream and download this episode from here

Show notes

  1. Mazuba describes herself, the work she does and some of the organisations she has worked with (02:22).
  2. Mazuba talks about her life before returning to Zambia (08:30).
  3. Mazuba talks about some of the lessons she has learnt from her time outside Zambia (11:20).
  4. Mazuba describes the qualities she likes about Zambia (18:27).
  5. She gives her opinion on some practices creative companies must employ in their operations –Being world class (23:50).
  6. She talks about some of the misconceptions about people from the diaspora (28:55).
  7. We talk about the festivals she has been to and her favourite one (35:15).
  8. The festival she would advise a Zambian to attend (44:17)
  9. She describes some of the benefits of going to festivals (48:07)
  10. The interesting birth of the Fest gurus and the future of web series in Africa (54:15)

End of Part 1

  1. Mazuba talks about her writing and the projects she is involved with-Including The Kapambwe’s (00:54)
  2. We talk about her writing style (09:45)
  3. She gives her opinion on long form writing (12:05)
  4. Mazuba tells us why she writes (16:36)
  5. We discuss her favourite writers (18:36)
  6. We discuss her future plans for writing(24:49)
  7. What her writing process looks like (28:50)
  8. What she thinks about screen shots ,plagiarism and online shaming from Zambia (33:17)
  9. What her social media management work entails and The Zed Social media awards (39:45)
  10. Talks about how she has gravitated to being a connector and the benefits of such a mindset (45:45)
  11. We talk about Mazuba’s dogs Axum and Bae and what she has learnt from them (52:00).
  12. What her typical day looks like and some of her routines and what she does to decompress (57:08).
  13. The idea Mazuba believes that she thinks most people don’t (01:02:17).
  14. Some quick fire questions (01:04:53)
  15. Her favourite interview question (01:07:35).

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