Benny Blow: On quitting jobs, taking over the world and draught beer

Benny Blow interview Episode 1 (GreatZ Podcast) Benny Blow: On quitting jobs, taking over the world and draught beer.

Benny Blow is one of Zambia’s foremost creative impresarios.  He is a representation of the new wave of Zambian- Self-aware, courageous and proactive. He is the co-creator of the Mundane Kid, a freelance writer and overall cool guy.

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  1. Benny explains who he is (06:26)
  2. Benny gives a brief education history and when he started writing seriously (09:19)
  3. When he started writing for Flip magazine and other publications 14:16
  4. Where the name Benny Blow came from (20:23)
  5. Why and how he quit his accountant job (24:00)
  6. The people who made him comfortable to quit (28:03)
  7. How the people closest to Benny took the news (31:30)
  8. The first thoughts after quitting his job (33:47)
  9. Talks about how London indirectly influenced him to leave his job (36:18)
  10. How Benny created a networking system (39:50)
  11. How Benny primed his mind for opportunity and the work environment (45:00)
  12. His perspective on why networking events are growing slowly (49:20)
  13. The origins of the Mundane Kid (51:44)
  14. Who Mundy is (54:02)
  15. How Mundy was first an idea for a clothing line (56:20)
  16. Who the Mundane kid is based on (1:00:28)
  17. Mundy’s universe 1:02:50
  18. How many editions have been created so far (1:03:00)
  19. Benny’s writing process- how he uses procrastination to his advantage and his style (01:05:00)
  20. The apps Benny uses (1:10:26)
  21. What books he has felt the most impact from (1:12:15)
  22. A book he would advise people to read that would change perspectives ( 1:13:33)
  23. His perspective on reading fiction and non-fiction books (1:15:37)
  24. What Benny does to decompress (1:18:19)
  25. When he met Reason (South African) rapper and festivals (1:19:18)
  26. Why he thinks Festivals are great (1:21:23)
  27. What plans Benny has for the future (1:23:28)

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Benny blow contacts (and London)

Twitter, facebook,pinterest.


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