Two shoes of goodness

You’re awake now. Realize you were awake yesterday and most of the past five years. Don’t miss this opportunity to engage in the present moment with the vigor it deserves.

Do something special today. Before you head out, sit still in silence and see where your thoughts take you. For a few moments you will realize that what will come surging to your mind is a list of things you haven’t done or intend to. Take mental notes and move on to the hard part- silence. Try to reach a state of emptiness.


After arguing with the possibility of reaching such a state, try again. After two minutes, five, tomorrow and the other day. Try to empty your mind of what “you must be’ so that you can appreciate what you are.

Now, get out of your bed, make the damn thing. Can you see how different it feels to encounter the world on your own terms? Don’t be in denial, today you will meet rude people, nice people and conniving ones too. The day will not be perfect and things won’t turn out as expected- you might die. But the truth is you understand that this is how the world works.  

There is no excuse therefore to smile and be polite. Be what you are and do what you must. Do this not because it might get you through heaven, but because it’s where your soul gravitates toward. If on the other hand you’re led to a path of destruction by your core go ahead. Let’s see how far that lasts till you return to the path of goodness.

Why must you delay though? Just be good now 🙂

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