Noise and testicles


What do we really feel? Subtract all forms of media from your spheres of influence and tell me what most of your decisions are based on. In fact, if there was no literature on this planet what would your operating system look like? Would you still be the same person you are today?

On most occasions I like to think that I’m in full control of my choices. Some of these are namely; the style of clothes I wear the food I eat and the people I chose to associate with. But there comes a time I encounter myself daydreaming about an Audi car when I have a perfectly operational Toyota parked outside and I am immediately set aback. I catch myself thinking of the silliness of my logic as the thought of a much better rated car is based more on vanity than any real economics of scale. It makes me wonder about what other decisions I have made which have no real utility and are practiced out of the sheer need to respond to indoctrination.

This is noise. We are exposed to this distortion from the time we are born and because of this overwhelming power we find it hard to see a world without these sounds which have found homes in our lives. But is that what life should be? When are we going to find the time to “pick ourselves’ as Seth Godin puts it? When are we going to operate under no external means and just thrive from the strength of our own lives relying on nothing but the fire within us?

Honestly, what does it matter what phone, car, clothing brand, residential area, school or even hobbies you have? How does that make you a different man? Do you not shit? Do you not fall asleep? Will you not die soon?

We have been led astray by the world for so long. We talk to our neighbors with suspicion, we hurt one another and we keep grudges. The world has made most people accept the noise and see nothing but the noise. We try to derive meaning from material possession and see our self-worth in the things we accumulate. And though the bounty of the world is a good sign that the world is responding to something positive you might be doing, all that you have will no longer belong to you but return to  the earth in one form or another.

So, it’s really simple. We need to strip the world to its core. Let us operate based on what we need and maybe we might find happiness in ourselves. Perhaps we should stop asking the world for rules and create our own. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s the real definition of freedom.



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