How long till we begin our actual missions? When will life become devoid of complaints and anxieties? Perhaps after that last loan installment or when you finally get that masters degree. There’s no use asking if this is what life should be because it isn’t. Sleep walking through life is not an ideal arrangement under any circumstances. People die, and the sooner you understand death the better you will live.

I have disregarded life on more levels than one. I have stayed in relationships because it was considered the right thing to do and stuck to jobs because they were safe. But what is life worth really? Was I born to stay safe and hide from parts of myself I do not know?  I don’t think so. I think we have to stop using fear and shame as operating systems for our lives. We need to stop making excuses and recognize that this resource you willingly pack away will flee from your possession without much notice.

Let us stop being cowards and live as we should.


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