How to get rid of your Enemies once and for all

Dead enemy

An enemy is a person opposed to our being and wants us to die first when the Zombie apocalypse begins. These are evil people who don’t understand what and why we do what we do.  They don’t understand that we are actually awesome and how with just a little bit more effort they would realize this like everyone else. But these people are uncooperative, they do everything we do not like and dislike everything we do. Therefore, we need to show these people how wonderful we actually are. We must prove them wrong, or we must kill them. The question I would like to ask anyone reading this is; do you have enemies? Are they a nuisance and proving to be the itch in your underwear? Well, here is a fast and effective solution to exterminating these people. Hint: it does not involve murder.

However, before we proceed with our elaborate scheme to infiltrate the enemies lines let us explore the type of enemies we face. It is important to establish how to identify these people as some can be cunning and quite deceptive as all enemies usually are.

  1. The passive aggressive monster: this variety of enemius assholius is found in every region of the world. With this person you can sense some tense feelings toward you but have no real way to prove it. They usually veil themselves in a disguise of niceness and conformity meanwhile deep down they despise you. If you suspect anyone of being a passive aggressive monster, do something mildly annoying directed toward them. Persist in your irritating ways and watch as they over react to your action with over emphasized force. This is a dangerous variety; they eat at you slowly and persistently until you are too weak to respond adequately to these passive attacks. Be careful with these people.
  2. The Competitive monkey: with this type of enemy you notice that everything with them seems to be a competition. When you buy a mango they tell you how guavas are actually better. When you wear Tommy Hilfiger, they are quick to point out that his actually a racist! And, when you play soccer with them they will never pick you on their team because they want to show you just how awesome they are. These are relatively easy to identify, they are a harmless variety and deep down suffer from serious low self-esteem. Do not fuel their competitive side as they are prone to overdo things.
  3. The Angry Dragon: this is the definition of enemy. You know they hate you when they enter the room. They will call you names without hesitation and find it relaxing to express their contempt for your being. These people will talk behind your back and disrespect you to your face. They want you dead and they will find the most convenient means to see to this. However, despite the extreme nature of these people they are the easiest to turn to your side. Because they are driven by anger and other unfounded misgivings the angry monster with the right amount of patience can be turned into a most valuable ally. However, stay away from these people.
  4. Yourself: I am sure you are acquainted with yourself by now. You seem to work toward your own ends and yet sabotage these very efforts. You feed your mind with all sorts of useless information and do this quite often despite the fact that it’s a detrimental activity. You want progress but decide to hold yourself back as if you will alive forever. This is the worst kind of enemy. He/she supersedes the intensity of any variety as this is the only type of enemy which actually matters. The other varieties can harm us physically or with the noise they make in our ears but honestly this doesn’t mean a thing until it reaches the command center, the mind. This enemy must be fixed as soon as possible.

So now that we are able to identify the type of people we dislike and dislike us what do we do about this?

Well firstly it’s worth noting that as long as we are alive we will offend. This is especially true of people who do audacious things or view the world in a different light from everyone else. We cannot please everyone for obvious reasons, we have different experiences and our reservoirs of knowledge differ. It’s worth emphasizing the importance of unpacking this reality. With an understanding of these inherent differences we can look at these so called enemies differently, they are useless. And truthfully, they are but distractions from what really needs to be done.  Marcus Aurelius in The meditations states that we are all a part of nature and our misgivings are all characteristic of man’s ways, therefore to be in denial of the possibility of conflict with our neighbors is similar to denying the fact that a caterpillar at some stage will blossom into a butterfly. I’m sure you agree with the old emperor, if conflict is inevitable why should it affect us?

The second approach has a lot to do with how we invest concentration as stated above. We distract ourselves with conflicts and disputes so that we can have excuses to not having achieved something. This all bogs down to fear and with consistency can be very pervasive throughout our lives leaving us frustrated and dissatisfied with the results of our actions and inaction. What does it matter if a person is competitive or passive aggressive? Well it matters because we did not nature the relationships around us. Our own lack of prudence creates these monsters and the ensuing results are much our fault as the attackers’. Fundamentally, we need to assume responsibility of what happens around us. Lazy people take pride in defining others but we all know that the soul is vapor, it drifts and this is a clear sign that man changes too often to be tamed. So drop the tags, the real enemy as has been established is within. Who knows better about yourself than you?

Thirdly, with risk of sounding like an evangelist I would like to reiterate that love is the answer. Yes the best and most effective way to kill your enemy is with love. Marcus Aurelius highlights that no other animal but man embraces conflict. Have you ever seen a bee or lion having a fight with its own because of vanity? Now imagine the so called most intelligent animal performing such an embarrassing act! We must love our own because that is the natural thing to do. It is the way that life has been designed. If we move too far from this truth we shall die before we are even put to rest.

So there you have it, a quick and easy way to rid yourself of enmity. Life without such a burden will surely be better; we will thrive and succeed if we employ some of the stated methods. But if you will opt to choose the opposite then the inevitable we follow.  I’m sure you have some other ways and approaches you would like to share so feel free to shoot off in the comments section of this blog. I would like to attribute most of these incites to literature I have read from the following: Robert Greene, Marcus Aurelius, Paul Graham, Ryan Holiday, Seth Godin and some letters by Seneca. Do a quick google search and learn about these exemplary individuals.


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