3 Stages To Actually Knowing What You’re Talking About: Where Are You On The Path?

This is a piece by Ryan Holiday. Very well written. Enjoy

Thought Catalog

There’s something I’ve been kicking around in my head for a long time. Something that I was confident expressing halfway or in private, but never fully and never in an article.

Then last week, I saw someone on reddit write about essentially the exact same idea, better than I ever could have, and it got me all excited (queue that Emerson quote if you need to).

Basically the theory goes like this: most of the important understandings we come to in life arrive in three distinct stages. Whether it’s learning about people, the lessons of life or just history, it doesn’t come easy. It doesn’t come in epiphanies. And this process–and whether we see it through–makes us who we are.

Take the Civil War. As a kid, you’re told that it was ‘the war to free the slaves.’ For lack of a better term for it, this…

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