What women want?


I think that any woman in a relationship would like to share such a definite institution with someone assertive. They would like to have a man who leads the way and lights up the path for them to see. In short women want men.

Just to be clear they want real men. There is a lot of default manliness out there and I don’t think the possession of a penis gives men a pass on basic manners and behavior.

 I say all these things because of the onslaught of criticism I have undergone in the past. If I was not directly told then this need was implied. You can also see this in the passive aggressive behavior’s displayed in face to face communication and text messages with our significant others.

So the next question is why can’t we all just get along?

It’s quite simple actually, standards.

In particular the standards that women set for themselves need to be taken up a notch. I’m tempted to write” most” beside women from here on but I won’t.  Zambian women complain about the deteriorating state of manliness in Zambia and how even their suitors are mostly assholes. In the evening after sounding these Game- of- thrones like trumpets they go on a date with these assholes and eventually marry these same assholes in their asshole stupor.

Haven’t you people heard of cause and effect? The results of thoughts are actions. An asshole has asshole thoughts. If you like the guy and want to give him a chance because he does not “defecate too high above the level of his sphincter” you must make sure he gets rid or at least makes a commitment to stop with the bullshit.  Otherwise he will not guess that he needs to change for you. After all you don’t seem to have a problem, fundamentally.

However, with this obsession Zambian women have with marriage in the sense of the ceremony they will take whatever they can. But come on. What happened that time you bought an 8 sim mobile phone? Did you expect it to perform excellently throughout? I don’t know if you did. Because firstly, the thing has no name and secondly it overheats even when only sim 1 is working. What’s so different with a relationship with a man? When you demand quality you get quality.

Now women will say ‘what about men?’ Why aren’t they responsible?

Well it’s because men like most creatures are efficient. We will only do what is expected of us. If your significant other doesn’t mind going on a date to a savage restaurant for your anniversary just because of their legendary goat soup that still gives him tummy aches despite the chap being recently promoted and you can now afford KFC, if you do not complain this will not change. Women should rise up and make feminism work in more than the work place. Be heard is the mantra right?

Look, I know men should be responsible. But if you notice something wrong with your man and you can see what would help him get off that bad path, tell him. Otherwise your Jedi mind transfer technics will not work, ever. Give him conditions and ultimatums. Tell the lad to find the pair he lost and take care of them. After all, you’re partners right?

As for the ladies being pursued you must understand that it is important to make a man work for your hand. It is vital. Imagine, a male sparrow goes through more dating rituals than a human being. You will never hear of a sparrow notorious for one night stands now sure is that right?

Therefore, stop talking about being a queen when you subject yourself to nonsense. You will forever attract frogs. Have standards and keep them. Being the efficient beings we are, men will respect this and adjust accordingly. And as a result we men will grow as well. Not to say we rely on women to take the lead in this cause but for the simple reasons that the rules of cause and effect dictate.

We want queens, that way we will feel like kings. And as I implied earlier, actions are enslaved by the mind. The more queens we encounter the more kings you will encounter as well.

This post is inspired by Kenneth W royce.  Author of Modules of manhood:what every man must know.



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