HOW TO STOP BEING FAT: The ‘Weight’ is over


“It never ceases to amaze me: we all love ourselves more than other people, but care more about their opinion than our own.” These were sentiments made by Marcus Aurelius in his private writings now compiled into a book called Meditations. I completely agree with his observation. Imagine the amount of power we give an unconcerned audience over our welfare.

Because of others we stand still opting to fall in to the arms of depression and low self-esteem. We live as if on stage being judged by absent minded critics. This is what Ryan Holiday refers to as the narrative fallacy. Sorry boss, but no one gives a shit about you, people have issues and sadly you’re barely a concern.

In Zambia, it seems people have freed up their schedules and made some time to observe the weight of others. It is like the collective society has decided to validate the size of human beings.  When you meet an acquaintance they acknowledge your weight first then your existence.  The thing that’s sad however is the people these opinions affect.  When a person calls you fat does it hurt because the words cause radiation to your brain? Because that’s the only reason they should concern you. We choose how we respond to our respective versions of the world and that’s far from being romantic minded. The truth is that it just seems like people are concerned with your weight. They are not really, and if they were what would it matter?

You should accept your genes or your eating habits. You should also accept what you can change. Primarily you should know why you want to change your physical appearance. You must choose between vanity and wellbeing. The ball is in your court and no one else’s. If you don’t like something and you can do something about it don’t not do it and register your displeasure later.

That being said, I come to my point. Stop talking about your work out plans or new diet with the view of getting some sort of validation. Also, no one looks forward to hearing about how your dress or size 35 slacks don’t fit anymore ever since you became employed. If you’re looking for sympathy from people you can find it but what does it change? So shut up, do what you have to for yourself and keep your head about. Don’t be the person who cry’s when others call them fat. You know they don’t really care. You know it’s your body. You know that you are in control.


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