Fuck you very much


Every day we are being bribed to fit in to society. We are compelled to be what everyone is like. This is hard to fight. It is easier to fit in. the approval and comfort are more convenient and helpful to our own love for certainty. We can’t stand the possibility of rejection and the open face of failure. We seek comfort. We have become immensely cuddled by society. We have become soft.

It seems people care about community. But in actual sense they are just confused. People who conform don’t shake anything up. They are just consumers. Data entry clerks don’t change the world. That is not to disrespect people performing this, but if you identify yourself with such a menial job and seek identity from it you don’t expect anything beyond the role I’m sorry.

In an era of limited resources basic instincts lead us to act a certain way. We strive to be the same as everyone so that the machinery works as it always has. We don’t seem to see how a different more efficient means would create development and much more sustainable growth. That is why men are dating girls they can’t stand. That is why we keep buying plots and not starting business up. Some people want to be slapped in the face with the wrath of a thousand rhinos before they change. You will die soon, we will forget about you as soon as we hit Christmas. Get moving.

I have grappled with this for most of my life. I sit and look at how lonely it is being my own man and doing what I believe in. I have succumbed to mediocrity because of the need for approval. That is why I have cheated on girls I have dated once the challenges stopped coming in. It’s the same reasons I sought futile friendships that exacerbate my vicious cycle of doubt and low integrity. Being in denial of what we are causes endless confusion and dissatisfaction. The moments we sit by ourselves we feel the shift in truth. We can’t even stand the person in the mirror any more.

But honestly I have had enough of that. So, this is an unofficial memo to everyone in my life. I won’t stand for yours or my bullshit anymore. If we are not growing together we are killing each other. We can’t be soldiers of a war we know we can win but fail to accomplish.

We are committing suicide.

We cheat on our women and perform sub-par at work and we are horrible parents. We live like we will never die. But enough is enough.  So I kindly delete myself from active participation of bullshit activities. You are thereby being requested to withdraw the dogma and dysfunction from my surroundings. Keep the ignorance to yourself and come at me with something constructive. If you do not attend to this request you’re a fool and I will see you around.

So yes, in short I’m saying fuck you very much. If we can’t grow, roll. All the girls I know and tolerate me in an unmanly state- fuck you, leave me alone. My friends who see me being less than I am capable of and still leave me be-fuck you very much. The family members who don’t call me out for not being the person I should and can be guess what- Fuck you very much.  If you catch me tolerating your bullshit, fuck me! If you cannot be what you must in my presence we are wasting each other’s time. Lastly, if you’re reading this and you cannot point out issues you have with my article and would rather gossip about the real life consequences of such a piece with someone who won’t contribute either, Fuck you. If you won’t share this, fuck you. Fuck you very much.


4 thoughts on “Fuck you very much

  1. This article is a rollercoaster of contradictions. Are you suggesting conformity or rebbelion? If it’s the former, well – fuck you very much!

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