Loud Music



Our actions matter. The manifestations of our thoughts and general states of mind mean something. To live in isolation and self imposed ignorance of this reality will lead to many a tragedy and will do more harm than good to those around us but to ourselves most especially. I have been extremely selfish in my approach to the world on numerous occasions. However when I sit down and attempt to vent and complain or seek solace I  decide that life happens. I choose to view myself as a case study of mental development and not as a victim of circumstances. Its a weird realization to deal with really. Imagine knowing that breaking someones heart is an opportunity for you to have a piece of mind and perhaps grow into what you must become. This is the height of selfishness I believe but i also think its necessary. i will complete this thought later, all i need to block the pain right now is Loud music. I’m sorry guy.


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