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It has been really difficult accepting that I will have to pursue my dreams on my own.  I was waiting for my friends and I to meet one day at some sort of conference or seminar and agree on the premise of our success.  We would all contribute ideas and plans of action which would lead us to victory over the mediocrity most of us currently call our lives.  Alas this moment has not arisen, I think it’s still a feasible dream but waiting seems to be a little bit more tedious than I thought. I’ve been binging on Ted talks and books detailing discoveries which explain breakthroughs in man’s understanding of human nature and life all of a sudden seems a lot more intense. Knowledge seems to replace the eyes with which you view the world. Achievement for its own sake makes no sense. Relationships need to be meaningful now. Sex is frustrating as its usually borne of running away from real work at this point. I haven’t the energy for silly mind games with people less aware of themselves. I tend to wonder how entertainers became more important than the people they are meant to entertain. But this is a beautiful phase also. There is nothing more comforting than knowing the inherent strength we have to take on the world. Excuses are weak and actions still speak loudest.  But it’s really scary. Choosing one path for another seems like a highly risky venture.  I thought my whole team would be here with me learning what we need to do and making moves which will ultimately lead us to the entrance of where we want to be. But life calls upon individuals. It’s a bit sad to only have learnt this when I turned 26. But it’s an excellent lesson to learn nonetheless. So alone I will have to steer this vehicle which will lead me to my final destination, alone. I have accepted this concept and the loneliness that it promises, it’s my life after all and the only way we can contribute to others as well as they to us is by spending that time by ourselves and forging our intentions ahead. I have come to believe that by being comfortable with our ‘selves’ we grow to become comfortable with ‘ourselves’. Only then can a difference be made. Only then can we contribute.


2 thoughts on “Alone

  1. I’ve been up since 4 reading your blog, well technically 4.55 but I figured 4 sounds more impressive but I digress, we met like a month ago and you asked me to ‘check it out’ and I really like it, i suppose I’m expected to say something about the above article because I clicked the ‘comment on article button’ and i guess thats some form of an informal contract of me agreeing to ‘comment on article’.
    I acknowledge the fact that the road to success is something one has to undertake on their own (though you didn’t necessarily say success you hinted at some form of self fulfilment? actualization? but I’ll use the term success for it because the way i see it that’s kinda the goal be it financial, emotional, or personal success whatever personal success is). it doesn’t necessarily have to be a lonely endeavour if you expand your horizon wide enough there’s always like minded people who are after the same thing and they not only make the proverbial journey more enjoyable but being part of a like-minded whole usually motivates one. Anywho maybe being brought up in a collectivist society has made me a bit biased.

    1. Hi Strechmarx,

      I’m really glad you like what you have found on here so far. I also had a look at your piece ‘Falling’. I like it, its quite inciteful and right up my alley seeing that i am fascinated with the human condition and objective analysis of such phenomenon. please write some more. As regards ‘Alone’ i think man is only valuable once he is comfortable with him/herself. this self satisfaction can be reached via numerous means which includes interacting with like minded people. However, i think people are ultimately responsible for themselves and should push their own agenda instead of relying on the community for things as subversive as ambition. A time might arise when one must shed his old self and morph into another version as man often does, this might call for one to embark on a literally solo expedition. Have you read on Stoicism?

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