Friends with benefits

FWBI used to think people were similar and the influence one would have on your life could be replicated elsewhere in a sort of retail manner. Boy was I wrong. The truth according to me is that value like originality is not something to be found lying idly under the sun. In fact, based on my experience those people I disregarded in the past seem to be the most influential people in my life now. Sadly, I have realized this at the same time I cannot show my appreciation. Notwithstanding, these valuable people have had a huge impact on my perspectives and resultantly my beliefs and the significance of such phenomenon cannot be taken lightly as regard the consequence they have on ones life. Therefore, in experiencing this paradigm shift I have found myself more nostalgic than not. I’m not sure if this is because the past presents man with immense control or some divine force resides in the past but this has been my state presently. However, the challenge presented before me now is like creation of the proverbial lemonade. The only thing we can make use of is the current seconds bestowed upon us therefore we cannot squander any more moments. If love has been lost, we are comforted by the knowledge that it shall be found some day. Time heals as well as any medicine but fortune emanates from appreciation of the faith in a cure more than in that of the power of external stimuli. I know we all have friends we mistreated, let us forgive ourselves and understand that equipped with appreciation their efforts and good will were not in vain. We are better because of them and our lives are testaments of that truth. And as we proceed with the task of fulfilling our destiny, when we make new connections surely we will be friends with benefits. Friends who will be there when needed and friends who will care.


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