It’s hard being an Oreo

OREO COOKIESAn Oreo is a person who has black skin but a Caucasian personality. The term is usually phrased in a derogatory manner with the intent of disparaging the credibility of the victim. Because no one has talked about the plight of this race of misunderstood people I have taken it upon myself to crusade on behalf of everyone that has been called an Oreo both knowingly and unknowingly. Pasted below is my rousing call to action and agenda for our first meeting.

If the nation of Oreo is to survive we should unite and mobilize like our brothers the Gays. Look at the vigor of their efforts. No one can deny that Gay is the new black and soon comrades with passionate effort Oreo will be the new Gay but only if we attack the ill treatment we experience head on! We will no longer accept judgment for owning MacBook’s and not Hp laptops.  Abash the hate speech we hear when we ask for our change from the bus conductor in English. How can the world not know the difference between a frappe and a latte? Colleagues, it hurts my soul when I see people using the desert spoon to eat their rice. However, this is the barbaric world we are living in and we must rise above it. We must rise above the crowd who cannot fathom the humor of Will Ferrell over Kevin Hart. We must rise colleagues, we must rise!

Therefore, operation #nomoreOreoAbuse will hold its first meeting at either Vasillis or Mugg and Bean on a date to be communicated. Let us meet in numbers never before seen in the realm of Oreoness. Items on the agenda are as follows:

· High fives and other choreographed inside greetings

· Use of hand sanitizer after item number one

· Impromptu adlib speech by chairperson guy

· Debate where to get t-shirts for campaign from (Woolies or Marks?) though I like Marks there’s a guy I know there.

· Order Greek salads and smoothies for refreshment

· Closing speech by chairperson guy

·  High fives and other choreographed inside farewell hand gestures

· Use of hand sanitizer after  the previous item

Colleugues, we shall not be abused any longer. This is the moment for Oreos to emerge and take what rightfully belongs to him and her or her and him (because we are all about equality). Viva Oreo! Viva!


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