How to cheat on your partner: 5 easy perspectives.


1. Have no real plan about your life. This way you will be able to do as many spontaneous things as possible and gradually you will begin dating a person who you will consequently cheat on.

2. Date someone you are not friends with.  Because of reason 1 you will date anyone and everyone. What this means is that because you have no standards anything goes for you.  You will realize the person you are dating is not your type after months, maybe years of dating and since you are such a free living person you will cheat on them in order to fulfill that insatiable appetite to be spontaneous or habitually confused as I would like to call it.

3. Have no respect. This is the easiest way to achieve your goal of cheating. In order to perform this particular task view everyone you date as less an individual than you are. This method of thought has a twofold effect as the lack of respect extends to the main partner being cheated on and the other one/s you are cheating on them with.

4. You have to be liked by everyone.  This particular perspective requires one to flirt with everyone they meet and arouse interest in the other person to the point things get rather complicated. With everyone liking you so much you just have to please them. This will make you feel like a good human being. You will become a martyr to the needs of multiple lovers, a true love philanthropist.

5. Lastly, be very selfish. Because the world is yours and you must have everything under the horizon cheating will make you feel like a real big man/woman. Make sure you care only about your feelings and what the world has in store for you. Notably, this perspective is the most efficient. You will cheat on more people with more people than you would ever imagine.

In conclusion, cheating is very easy. One does not need to apply much effort to sustain this particular lifestyle. In fact all you need is a good memory and some neurotic habits. However, being faithful and sustaining a real meaningful relationship is for a different kind of people. This is a harder endeavor. Notably, the two views on human relations have their
own consequences on the practitioners involved. If you’ve read this far you know what this implies. However, when it’s time to decide on the path you are going to take. What will you choose the easy one or the hard way? Let me know in the comments below.


4 thoughts on “How to cheat on your partner: 5 easy perspectives.

  1. Ofcourse I pick the hard way, a faithful relationship. I don’t think people set out to cheat just like that, its too cold to be true. People care, people love. Granted some people do cheat as you have alluded but most do it because they tried the hard way and found they were in it alone or because they got hurt.nevertheless I think its simply a vicious spiral, you cheat on me, I leave you and cheat in my next relationship or I cheat on you and stay with you

  2. ive cheated and been cheated on. everything about that article makes sense. so the only I can sustain my next relationship to make it healthy is to do the opposite of what is in the article. next time il go hard

  3. Hey Ess, valid arguments there. I believe its all a matter of responsibility. If we can decide to look at our impact on the world instead of what we can get from it, minor social issues like cheating can be eradicated.

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