A week in the mountains

I have spent a significant amount of my time alive consuming and compiling information. I have sat for hours reading, watching and listening. Notably the recipients of my attentions were not present beings but Robert Greene, James Bond and Lil Wayne.  Basically, I have learnt a lot from people I do not know. Now you should not get me wrong, I love learning. However, when you read three books at a time, listen to news or music as you traverse and watch a barrage of sitcoms in your down time for years and years you are prone to get overwhelmed. Well, that’s me currently. I have been consuming too much such that I feel like a small fish drowning in the opinions and perspectives of everyone else but myself. Therefore for one Week (7days) I am going to log off.   What are the implications of this decision? Well, I will not watch television; listen to any music, read anything apart from work emails, no social media intake like Facebook or twitter and no magazines. This seems like a daunting task given the nature of society today but it’s a state I’ve been in before. Back when I was at high school with no phone, mp3 player, television or magazines just school books, basketball and friends life felt a lot more meaningful. Obviously many factors can be considered in this argument but I think you get my point. So what can I do during this period? Take it easy as that’s subject for my next article “What I did in the mountains after 7 days”. Look out for that! It is worth noting that I got motivation to meet this challenge after reading some guys article on http://www.artofmanliness.com. He had such valid arguments I felt compelled to try it out. I am pretty excited about this venture and more so about the potential results of this exercise. The only other thing that would excite me further is if you try it. Imagine life without entertainment for a week? I would come up with a much more elaborate reason for us to do this but I don’t really have one. Just try it. Besides, it’s not like the newest season of Suits will run way after a week. Picture this, this is day one of this glorious adventure and I walked into my mate’s office and he had something that sounded like a new Drake ft. Lil Wayne song playing!! I was like really?! This is going to be tough. See you after 6 days


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